The creams, syrups, tinctures and salves you’ll find below have been lovingly developed using a mixture of heirloom recipes and new creations devised by myself and other experienced herbalists. All the remedies listed are frequently used in my own herbal practice.

I take great pride in the manufacture of my medicines, all of which I have taken or tested on myself.  You won’t find quality herbal products like these on the high street, and by purchasing from me you’re directly helping to keep herbal medicine alive and well in our community!

All my products display the Herb-Mark symbol which guarantees they’ve been hand made by a professionally qualified, registered herbalist. All ingredients are either wild foraged by myself, or sourced from reputable suppliers who only trade with qualified medical herbalists.

As an herbalist it’s a joy to make up customized creams, tinctures, syrups or other herbal products on request. Please feel free to email me at with any requirements – no commission is too small! Please note that custom prescriptions always come with a side order of free friendly advice.

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