Iridology For Beginners: Practical Workshop

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A practical course covering the basic principles of Iridology

Learn how to:

  • Identify your unique constitution from the colour of your iris
  • Analyze your iris structure to glean insights into potential health concerns
  • Recognise the most common iris signs
  • Competently use an Iridology chart
  • Use these insights to make relevant lifestyle changes
  • Use professional tools to photograph and examine the iris in detail

Iridology is a useful tool for:

  • Practitioners who want to gain a deeper insight into their clients
  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about their genetically inherited health

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This practical iridology workshop will introduce you to a fascinating, evidence-based system which can reveal all manner of details about your genetic make-up, constitution and even your personality traits. There are over 200 signs that identify your iris as uniquely yours. Learn how to spot the most common iris signs and what they mean for your health. Discover what your eyes have to say about you!

This practical introduction to Iridology will:

  • Show you how to read the iris to gain an understanding of your unique constitutional type
  • Teach you how to identify individual strengths and weaknesses from eye colour and fibre structure
  • Show you how to recognize the most common iris signs to look out for
  • Teach you how to read an iris chart
  • Show you how to use an iriscope and iridology torch to examine the eyes in detail
  • Use this information for your own health benefits and that of your friends and family

Why is Iridology useful?

You can learn a great deal about your health, personal characteristics and unique make-up with only a small amount of information, and without the need for long consultations or expensive testing procedures.

Iridology can help to promote the health of future generations by showing you how to break the cycle of inherited disease.

Understanding your individual strengths and weaknesses can offer a sort of “early warning system” which allows you to make simple  lifestyle changes which could prevent ill health from happening in the first place.

You can find out more about Iridology here:

Groups are limited to a maximum of 10 people in order to ensure that all participants get the most enjoyment and knowledge from the sessions

The cost of the event includes digital photographs of your irides (plural of iris!!!) and a short printed workbook. You’ll also gain a certificate of completion which may count towards CPD* (Please contact your professional body to check for eligibility.)

There’s no need to bring along any special equipment as all equipment will be made available on the day. However, should you wish to purchase your own torch to bring along to the workshop, you can do that here:

The workshop will be held at the fabulous Sprout Health Foods which is renowned for its superb vegetarian suppers and delicious coffee.

4 reviews for Iridology For Beginners: Practical Workshop

  1. Sharn Nulty BSc. HM.

    I attended Sarah’s Iridology Workshop and left with a clear understanding of the principles of Iridology and how this modality can work for me in my daily life and clinic. Sarah not only made the class interesting but it equipped me with the tools to begin my journey into understanding Iridology. Sarah gave expert feedback on all our questions and also made the class relaxing and fun. It was a truly empowering workshop that I recommend to anyone wanting to learn about Iridology.

  2. Sarah Martin

    I highly recommend Sarah’s Iridology workshop. It was very interesting and well structured as well as being relaxed and informal. Iridology is a fascinating topic and Sarah’s thorough knowledge allows you to learn a lot in a short space of time.

  3. jaime smith (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed Sarah’s workshop. It was interesting and informative and left me wanting to learn more about the subject.

  4. Claire Heron-Maxwell

    This was a great introduction to the fascinating subject of Iridology. The session was fun and informal, whilst providing as insight into the value of this approach as a tool to help guide your personal journey to health and wellbeing.

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