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Lip Warrior herbal balm has been lovingly crafted to help soften and heal severely cracked, dry lips. This no nonsense, protective salve acts as a natural barrier to the elements, and the un-lickable formula is guaranteed to stay put on even the driest of skin.

This product is great for:

  • Children who regularly suffer with chelitis and chapped lips.
  • Farmers, fisherfolk and other hardy outdoor types who need reliable protection against the winter weather.
  • Surfers who need waterproof protection for dry lips and cheeks.

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Lip warrior herbal balm is made using 100% natural ingredients. This hand-made, natural product is safe to use on children aged 2 and over. Lip Warrior comes with the HerbMark quality of assurance which provides peace of mind that it has been lovingly crafted by a registered herbalist trained in the manufacture of botanical medicines (and in this special instance, a mother of a child with additional needs who also happens to suffer from dry, cracked lips.)

This tried and tested product does exactly what it says on the tin. Lip warrior seals in moisture to create a protective natural barrier to the elements, ensuring a beautiful smile whatever the weather.

Lip warrior herbal lip balm contains the following active ingredients:

Lanolin: Just like humans, sheep produce natural oils (lanolin) which protect their skin against the elements. It’s been used for thousands of years to create a natural, protective barrier, which seals in moisture and helps to hydrate and heal the skin. The lanolin contained in Lip Warrior  is high grade anhydrous lanolin, which means that unlike other similar products, it doesn’t leave a lingering scent.

Calendula oil: Distilled from marigold flowers, this golden elixir has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Marigolds have a reputation for healing wounds, making this oil an ideal base for products aimed at soothing sore, chapped lips.

Alkanet: This little known plant is what gives our hand crafted lip balm it’s characteristic ruby red sheen. It’s a natural alternative to those nasty dyes and chemical colours that often show up in shop bought lip care products.

Although lip warrior does not contain any ingredients which are unsuitable for folk with nut allergies, please be aware that it is manufactured in a kitchen which handles 14 of the major allergenic foods (including wheat and dairy.) Lip warrior also contains lanolin and honey, making it unsuitable for people following a vegan lifestyle. Because this product is made using only natural ingredients, the colour may vary ever so slightly between batches.


  • High purity, anhydrous lanolin
  • Calendula oil
  • Alkanet
  • Pure grade vitamin E
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Organic honey flavouring

8 reviews for Lip Warrior – Herbal Lip Balm

  1. Downs Side Up

    This product is nothing short of miraculous!
    My youngest daughter has additional needs and suffers from cracked, sore lips which she tends to lip and pick, making matters worse. I had tried every product on the market and nothing worked. Some medicated balms actually made things worse and thin salves were immediately licked off.
    I approached Sarah to try to create a bespoke product that would counter all these issues. Lip Warrior is thick enough not to rub off easily and provides a protective layer and healing properties. I saw results within hours. We now have a pot in the car, kitchen and school bag and apply it whenever needed.
    I’m so glad Sarah is now producing this powerful product for a wider audience.

  2. Rachel

    Wonderful lip balm … and trust me I’ve tried enough. It has a just the right consistency that stays put. It is super nourishing and keeps dry, chapped lips at bay and creates a beautiful natural shine. Both myself and 2 children love this product. Well done Sarah on creating a fantastic warrior product.

  3. Claire

    This is an excellent lip balm which ticks all my boxes, so says a lip balm addict! Very pleasant smelling, smooth & deeply nourishing. Feels like my lips are saying ‘mmmm’ with appreciation! a little dab goes a long way. It doesn’t melt in the pot or on the lips. The balm actually stays on, feeling light & nourishing ; no need to keep reapplying moments later. Plus it’s only full of good stuff. Highly recommend.

  4. Sarah Collier (verified owner)

    Where do I start, over many years I’ve tried lip products, ranging from Vaseline, lip creams and lip scrubs looking for the right product, after using the lip warrior for only 2 days, my sore, dry and cracked lips are so lovely and soft!! I have reccommended this to all my friends and the girls at work. I Will be purchasing this again, keep doing an amazing job. I would highly recommend this product,

    Sarah Collier

  5. Mia

    I wasn’t entirely sure about the idea of lanolin at first but then i tried this lip balm and it’s amazing! It really works, my lips feel really moisturised all the time and I only have to apply it a couple of times a day. It leaves my lips looking glossy as well so that I don’t have to put on another lip product afterwards. Honestly, if you try this, I guarantee that you will love it!

  6. phillip donoghue

    I work outdoors all year round and i always suffer with chapped lips when the weather gets colder , I’ve always used standard lip balms but they always rub off within about half an hour , my wife bought me lip warrior after trying it herself and its much more robust than anything I’ve tried before , you only need to put it on a couple of times a day and it stays on. And doesn’t taste weird, I would recommend to anyone who works outside, Try it! it really does work better than anything I’ve tried before.

  7. Michelle

    This is a gorgeous product ; ticks all the boxes for me , I’m prone to cracked lips especially this time of year with the weather and central heating , another great product – thanks Sarah

  8. Anita

    What a fantastic little pot of fabulousness! Easy to apply, non greasy, and stays put – which is such a bonus – no need to keep reapplying every 5 minutes. I even put my usual lipstick on top when required. My lips feel hydrated and smooth. No more cracking and peeling. I would definitely recommend this gem of a product and what a fantastic price too. I am definitely sold! Thank you Sarah

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