Flower Remedies: A Herbalist’s Guide For Making & Taking


Flower remedies have long been used as vibrational healing tools that work in a similar way to inspirational music or art. They create a subtle shift in energy, helping us to find the right frequency or “pitch” where we can once more begin to resonate harmoniously with the world around us. This practical magazine about the art of making and taking flower remedies is an ideal short guide for anyone interested in learning more about how to forage for, and create their own flower medicine.


Making your own flower remedies is a super easy, empowering act that absolutely anyone can do. Unlike many powerful over the counter remedies, flower essences are extremely dilute, making them safe for even small children and animals to take. You might be surprised to learn that for just a few pounds and a couple of hours of your time, you can make a range of flower remedies for all manner of emotional issues. This beautifully illustrated magazine has been designed with a practical afternoon of medicine making in mind. For use outdoors and in the kitchen, this little book of gleaned gems will inspire you to connect with the wildlife on your doorstep, and of course, your own intuition.

Printed on high quality paper, this magazine contains 20 pages of practical tips, including a list of useful resources for further exploration of the subject. It also contains details of stockists, and suppliers of equipment for making your own remedies at home.


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