Zen Herbal Tisane – Anti Anxiety Herbal Tea


Anti anxiety herbal tea blend containing:

*Chamomile, Lemon balm, Rose petals and Lavender flowers.


Drink hot or cold, or add to bath water to benefit from the relaxing herbal properties.

Pack contains 20 grams of dried herbs.


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Zen herbal tisane is a soothing, anti anxiety herbal tea blend containing carefully selected botanicals chosen for their calming, relaxing properties and pleasant taste.

Chamomile has long had a reputation for soothing frazzled nerves. A great digestive, it’s helpful for nervous tummy upsets and lack of appetite in times of stress. Chamomile tea is traditionally used to help relieve insomnia and impart a good night’s sleep.

Lemon balm (also known as Melissa) is said to lift the spirits, improve memory, and help tired brains to concentrate. This delightful lemon scented plant is a relative of the mint family, and is a favourite in cottage gardens.

The soothing scent of lavender flowers has a wonderfully relaxing effect on both mind and body. A common addition to sleep pillows, when drunk as a tea, lavender can help soothe tension headaches and induce a feeling of calm relaxation.

Rose petals have a wonderfully uplifting and restorative effect on the nervous system. Rose tea has traditionally been used to help lift a low mood, dispel mental fatigue and calm feelings of irritability, anger and grief.

This refreshing, pleasant tasting tea makes a deeply soothing tonic, and can be drunk at any time to help relieve tension and stress. The anti anxiety herbal tea blend can also be added to bath water, where the soothing aroma can help ease anxiety and calm the nerves. A great store cupboard standby for those days when you need a little extra support to restore vitality and balance.

How to Prepare:

Add the dried herbs to a teapot and allow to steep for a few minutes before serving. You’ll need about 1 tablespoon of your herbal tea mix for every 200 ml of water. Served cold, the tea can be drunk as a refreshing beverage on hot Summer days. Taken hot, the therapeutic aroma of the plants adds to it’s anxiety relieving effect.

Store your dried tea mix in an airtight container so it’s always on hand ready for use.


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