From the moment we’re born, we learn to pick up subconscious clues about other people by looking at their eyes. Without any special training, there are many things we can divine about a person’s happiness, demeanour and general health instinctively:

We might describe someone who is depressed as having “lost the sparkle” in their eyes

A person who is hung over may have red, light sensitive eyes

Our instincts tell us to mistrust someone with “beady” or “shifty” eyes

People with liver problems often have yellow eyes

When we don’t drink enough water, we get bags under our eyes

But did you know that there’s a complete scientific study listing hundreds of eye signs, which provide solid clues about your inherited health? This evidence-based system can tell you all manner of details about your genetic make-up, your constitution and even your personality traits.



What Is Iridology?

“Such are the eyes; such is the body” Hippocrates

Iridology is the scientific study of the coloured portion of the eye that surrounds the pupil; the iris.

Data gathered from thousands of irises provides us with evidence that genetic “markers” from the past three generations can clearly be seen in a person’s eyes. Just as you inherit certain traits from your parents (such as hair colour and facial features,) you also inherit their strengths and weaknesses. Iridologists believe that much of this genetic information is reflected in the iris.

The Story of Iridology

As a young boy, Ignatz Von Peczely was trying to free an owl that had become trapped in his garden. In doing so, the bird’s leg was broken. Ignatz was so upset; he determined to nurse the bird back to health. During this time, he noticed a dark mark in the owl’s eye. He thought it so unusual, he made a point of observing it each time the bird visited the garden. Over time he noticed that the mark grew paler – almost as if the trauma had healed.

This sparked an obsession in IgnatzVon Preczely, and he began to keep records of the various signs he noticed in the eyes of the people he met. He soon gained a reputation for having a “magical ability” to read a person’s health from their eyes, and people flocked from far and wide to consult with him.

Von Peczely eventually trained as a medical doctor. Now, he not only began to seriously study the irises of his living patients, but also those of the cadavers in the morgue. This gave him a unique opportunity to correlate his findings with the diseases the people had died from.

Thus began the tentative beginnings of the scientific study of Iridology.

From a herbalist’s point of view, an Iridology session can provide valuable information about a person’s hereditary strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this information, I’m able to select exactly the right herbs that are uniquely right for you. For example, there are hundreds of plants which are good for acne, if you’re a “lymphatic type” (a person who’s lymphatic system is easily congested) then I’ll choose different herbs than I would for a”poly-glandular type” (a person whose hormones are more likely to be contributing to the problem.)

Iridology is a hugely powerful tool when it comes to the prevention of disease. Being aware of your constitutional tendencies and inherited make-up allows you to adjust your lifestyle in a way that can help prevent disease from happening in the first place.

What Are The Benefits Of An Iridology Session?

There are many reasons why people come to see me for an in-depth iridology consultation.

  • It’s a genuinely interesting experience to learn more about your constitution and inherited health. This may be particularly useful for people who have no prior knowledge of their family health history; for example – adopted children.
  • An iridology consultation can identify which organs may be involved in the development of existing health issues. This information provides clues as to possible reasons why and how current health problems first started.
  • Although Iridology isn’t a diagnostic tool in the contemporary medical sense, it can offer suggestions for specific preventative measures to stop health issues from developing in the first place. In this respect, Iridology is an inexpensive way to determine your risk factors for any particular disease.
  • Iridology can help to promote the health of future generations of your family by showing you how to break the cycle of inherited disease.
  • Most people have never had the opportunity to see their own eyes up close. A photograph of your iris along with a short preventative health report is supplied at every session for your future reference.


What Can I Expect From An Iridology Session?

The purpose of an Iridology session is to provide you with clues about how your current health issues may have started. This information also allows me to provide appropriate advice about the possible root cause of your problems, and if required, prescribe any relevant herbs to help resolve any current health issues and avoid future problems.

A Case Study

Mrs X comes to the clinic with catarrh and sinusitis. She’s been using nasal sprays for the past week, but the problem still hasn’t resolved. Upon inspection of the iris, it’s clear that she has poor elimination, and there are markings in the kidney zone which show a tendency towards insufficiency. During the consultation, it becomes clear that she doesn’t drink enough water or go to the toilet much during the day. Armed with this information, we can see that poor kidney function is partly responsible for waste products backing up in her system and this has led to inflammation and overload. In this case I would prescribe herbs to support lymphatic elimination and improve kidney function. I would also encourage her to increase her fluid intake.

By looking at the problem in a truly holistic way, we can see that although the use of decongestant sprays may relieve Mrs X’s symptoms temporarily, they are unlikely to resolve the root cause of her health concern.

An Iridology assessment lasts approximately 45 minutes. During this time I’ll take I’ll use an iriscope to take a detailed photograph of your eyes and use the latest Iridology charts and maps to assess colour, fibre formation and any other signs and markings that make up your unique health picture. Taking a photo is a super quick, simple procedure, and is completely non invasive. After the session, you’ll receive a copy of your photos along with an individual report explaining your unique type and tailored life style advice about how best to support your individual constitution.

The cost for an in depth iris analysis complete with photographs and an individual health report is £50. To book please email hello@thefreelancenaturopath.com or call 07837 979790 during office hours. Alternatively consultations can be booked online using the calendar. Simply select “Iridolgy” from the drop down menu and choose a time that’s convenient for you.

In addition to offering individual consultations, I also run fun and useful courses which are suitable both for practitioners looking to learn more about how they can use Iridology in their clinic, and people who are just interested in learning more about this fascinating subject. Should you be interested in hosting an event at your home or place of work, the cost for the 2 hour hands on course is £25 per person which includes high quality resources & iris photographs. Please note that there must be a minimum of 8 people attending, and the price does not include any travel expenses that may be incurred.  If you’re interested in hosting an event, please send an email with your requirements to hello@thefreelancenaturopath.com or call 07837 979790 during office hours to find out more.


I attended Sarah’s Iridology Workshop and left with a clear understanding of the principles of Iridology and how this modality can work for me in my daily life and clinic. Sarah not only made the class interesting but it equipped me with the tools to begin my journey into understanding Iridology. Sarah gave expert feedback on all our questions and also made the class relaxing and fun. It was a truly empowering workshop that I recommend to anyone wanting to learn about Iridology.


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