Herbal medicine is a bespoke, person centered approach to restoring health using the power of plants and nature to bring the body back to harmony and vibrant well-being.

Herbal medicine is the oldest and most widely used system of healing in the world. As an herbalist, I have access to hundreds of plants to make a variety of medicines such as tinctures, teas, creams, salves, powders and capsules which I then prescribe for a wide range of health complaints.

Herbal medicine is really good for conditions that haven’t responded well to other forms of treatment. Stubborn skin complaints, hormonal imbalances and digestive problems all respond well to herbal medicine. This is because the aim of the therapy is not just to treat your symptoms, but to put your body in the best possible position to heal itself. Let me give you an example:

If you cut your finger, you can apply any number of creams, but ultimately the healing comes from the body itself not the preparation you choose to apply. This is the principle behind herbal medicine as a therapy. Herbs are not just powerful medicines that bring the body back to balance; they’re also foods that provide nourishment and healing to the body as a whole.

Although two people might come to see me with the same complaint, each will go away with a medicine which has been made uniquely for them. This is because everyone experiences their illness differently. For example, someone with hay fever may have red itchy eyes and a runny nose; another person may experience tiredness and an itchy throat. Although both people technically have the same condition, their symptoms are totally different – their medicine will reflect that.





Many people visit the clinic after having wasted lots of money on over the counter herbal preparations that haven’t worked. This is because herbs are not like drugs, and shouldn’t be taken on a “pill for every ill” basis.

You can read more about how herbs work here

Based upon the information you provide in your initial consultation, you’ll be given herbal liquid extracts, powders or capsules with specific instructions on how to take them. Unlike medicines which can be bought over the counter, all of these herbs will be carefully chosen and blended specifically for YOU. All my medicines are either sourced from an independent dispensary with over 30 years experience in both the growing and distilling of herbal preparations, or manufactured by myself. My medicines carry the HerbMark collective trademark which proves that they’ve been made by a practitioner who is a member of a professional association affiliated to the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association and has met their high standards of education and professional practice.

Your bespoke formula will usually take the form of a blend of up to 8 individual herbs, chosen for many considerations such as digestive function, your constitutional type, and the energetic taste of the plant. I rarely make the same formula twice, so you’re guaranteed to receive a customised herbal mix which not only saves you money, but will help you to reach your health goals much more quickly and more importantly – get the results you want.



Unlike medical drugs that often come with a huge list of side effects, herbs not only get to the root cause of your health problems but also come with a whole host of added bonuses such as wonderful skin, increased energy levels, better sleep and improved mood.

Let me show you how to transform your health with the power of nature!

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Alternatively, if you’d like more information about herbal medicine head over to the Frequently Asked Questions Page or send me a message.







Thank you Sarah!

Meeting with you was like arriving onto an island after swimming all day. Thanks a million for my amazing herbal blend. Alissa

I approached Sarah after reaching a burn out point in my life after a number of traumatic events.

During our time working together I felt listened to, understood and supported. Sarah came up with an herbal formula that would work for me and where I was at. The knowledge that Sarah has is vast and above all I trusted that she knows her stuff. The tincture has been amazingly helpful and I would thoroughly recommend her service. Paul

I loved my session with Sarah

She’s passionate and extremely knowledgeable about herbs and their special powers to help heal dis-ease within the mind and body. Her commitment to her clients and her knowledge of nurturing and healing remedies is inspiring. Leonie

Sarah is a great blend of professionalism and friendliness

She makes a real effort to get to know you, and your issues, before applying her considerable knowledge to provide effective solutions. Steve.


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