What are your qualifications, and are which professional body are you registered with?

In 2007 I gained my Diploma in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. I’m a member of the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners and The Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP.) I am fully licensed and insured to practice.

Which therapies do you practice?

Although I am a herbalist – my broad training in naturopathic medicine means I’m also qualified in a number of other areas. For example, I have training in nutrition, and am also qualified in the diagnostic technique of Iridology. For information about individual therapies, please visit the home page on my website.

How much does an appointment cost?

A herbal consultation is an investment in your health. An initial appointment costs £50 (about the same as a haircut!) and includes the time spent in clinic discussing your case, along with full email support during office hours for the duration of your time as a client at the practice. The cost of your appointment does not include the cost of your bespoke customised prescription which can vary between £20 and £75 depending on your individual requirements and budget. Every effort is made to ensure that the service is affordable to all who need it.

Follow up appointments are charged at £25. Iridology assessments are charged at £50. The price for detox packages and products vary. All prices will be made clear at the time of booking.

What sort of clients do you see?
Anyone can benefit from paying a visit to a Naturopath – I see people from all walks of life! As no two individuals are the same, I always create totally bespoke treatment plans tailored around the unique needs of each person who comes to the clinic. I love to work with people who take an active interest in their health and want to learn more about how herbs and nutrition can improve their well-being. This is because a naturopath’s job is to encourage you take charge of your well-being, and to understand the key factors which led to your health issues developing in the first place.
What can I expect from my initial consultation?
If you come to see me for herbal medicine, your initial appointment will last between one, and one and a half hours. During this time I’ll take a detailed medical and holistic case history in which you’ll be asked a variety of questions about your lifestyle and current state of emotional and physical well-being. This helps me to build up a clear picture of your unique constitution. At some point I’ll also take a peek at your iris and tongue to help me glean more clues about your inherited strengths and weaknesses. This is a totally non invasive procedure which helps me to  better understand what factors might have led to your current health situation. You’ll then be prescribed a custom herbal mix (I have access to approximately 300 plant powders, tinctures and teas in my dispensary which will be custom blended and hand picked for you!) with specific information about how to take your medicine. I may also ask you to complete a food / sleep / mood diary or fill in a specific health questionnaire which will help us to monitor your progress at any future follow up sessions.

Iridology consultations last approximately 45 minutes. Herbs are not generally prescribed (although there is an option to do so at an additional cost should you wish.) During your appointment, I’ll photograph your iris and explain the visible iris signs which are an indication of your inherited strengths and weaknesses. I’ll also produce a short report which will provide general lifestyle advice about how to manage your unique constitution. For more information about Iridology click here:

If you have any questions at all about any of the above services, please feel free to drop me a line. I’m happy to arrange a short telephone call with you free of charge so that you can be 100% satisfied that you’re choosing the service which is most beneficial to you.

All appointments take place in my home dispensary which is located opposite the beautiful beach at Porth in Newquay. Free parking is available, and full directions and a map will be sent to you at the time of booking. Medicines are mixed and dispensed at the time of your appointment so you can begin your herbal programme immediately.
What happens at a follow-up consultation?
As your well-being improves, your herbal prescription and dietary requirements are also likely to alter. Remember, Naturopathy is not a one size fits all therapy, and so follow up appointments are vital if you want to move forward towards your health goals. I’ll usually arrange to see you again about two weeks after our initial meeting. This is so we can assess how well your medicine is working and if your dosage or mix needs to be adjusted.

Follow up appointments help you track your progress and keep you motivated. Most people initially need a lot of support in making changes to their diet and lifestyle, and so these sessions are designed to highlight any areas which may still need some work. Although herbal formulas can take effect quite quickly, many people come to the clinic because they have chronic conditions which have taken a long time to develop. In these cases, herbs may need to be taken for a number of months in order to gain the maximum benefit.

Follow up consultations are usually held at monthly intervals, with maintenance appointments scheduled at 3 to 6 month intervals thereafter – however, every case is different and so timescales for your individual health program will be discussed at your initial appointment.

How do you decide which herbs are right for me?
Many people visit the clinic after having wasted lots of money on over the counter herbal preparations that haven’t worked. This is because herbs are not like drugs, and shouldn’t be taken on a “pill for every ill” basis. Find out more about how herbs work here:

Based upon the information you provide in your initial consultation, you’ll be given herbal liquid extracts, powders, capsules or teas with specific instructions on how to take them. All herbs are sourced from an independent dispensary with over 30 years experience in both the growing, and distilling of herbal preparations to the highest quality, or are prepared, harvested and manufactured by myself. Not all of the herbs I prescribe are organic, but where possible, I may be able to source these on request. Your unique formula will take the form of a blend of up to 8 individual herbs, chosen specifically for your current situation and based on other considerations such as digestive function and the energetic taste of the plant. I rarely make the same formula twice, so you’re guaranteed to receive a customized herbal mix which not only saves you money, but will help you to reach your health goals much more quickly.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

This really is a difficult question to answer as it depends both upon your condition, how long you’ve had it, and how willing you are to make any necessary lifestyle or dietary changes to achieve the best results possible. Although I can’t guarantee results, most people will begin to see positive changes within a week or so of starting their program. Of course, if you’ve had a condition for a very long time, it isn’t going to vanish overnight. But if you’re determined to take your health into your own hands, follow advice and make the necessary changes to heal, then you should expect to feel increased energy, have better sleep and notice an improvement of your symptoms in a reasonably short space of time.

I’m still not sure if I’m ready to commit to booking a health consultation, how can I find out more?
It’s important for me to have happy, healthy and satisfied customers! Please do spend some time reading around the website and blog, and if you’re still not sure, sign up for my newsletter to learn more about herbs and how they can benefit you. I only ever send emails that contain information that’s enjoyable to read and useful to share. This includes recipes, herbal news, uplifting stories and information about practical resources. Alternatively, if you feel you’d like to arrange a no obligation 10 minute chat about your health concerns, please get in touch and we can make that happen.
I love the images on your website, did you take them?
The vast majority of the images on my website are taken by the lovely people at Unsplash. I would like to thank them for their generosity in allowing me to use their stunning photographs.

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