My mother has always been a keen gardener and as a small child, I loved to help her plant flowers and dig up weeds. However, I was always destined to become an herbalist and not a horticulturalist.

I think that the moment this became clear was at about the age of 5. One day I decided to pluck all of the petals from my mother’s beautiful roses and turn them into a homemade perfume. I didn’t read a blog post about how to do this, and Pinterest didn’t exist in the 70’s. It was an instinctive act. I pulverised the petals in a small bowl of water and presented them to my horrified mother in the expectation that she would be thrilled with her gift.

At about the age of 7, I encouraged my best friend to go into business with me making itching powder from rosehip seeds (again I have no idea how I discovered this magical property as I’d never read any books about plants at the time.)  We set up a table on my front lawn with the idea that we’d become millionaires selling our “magic powder” to the other children in the street who could use it to put down the T-shirts of their annoying brothers and sisters.

I forgot about my herbal ambitions the moment I went to high school. Being an herbalist wasn’t a job, and you couldn’t study herbal medicine at GCSE. It wasn’t until I began to experience horrible problems with my skin, menstrual cycle and bouts of intense anxiety at about age 16 that the tendrils of my past obsession with herbs gently nudged me once again to seek the help of plants. Before the advent of Amazon it was almost impossible to find books on the subject of herbal medicine, although scouring the bookshops often turned up an unexpected gem. I did my best to learn what I could. I experimented with essential oils and foraged for plants I could find round and about so I could make amateur experiments in the kitchen.

A chance meeting some years later totally transformed my life. Chatting with a close friend, she told me that she had been to visit a Naturopath. My eyes lit up and my heart began to pound. How could I get in touch with this person and learn all she had to know? I booked an appointment and within a week of using her medicine I knew what I had to do. On that very day I signed up for a 5-year course with the College of Naturopathic Medicine and since then I have never looked back.

I’ve spent the best part of ten years working with plant medicine and can say with complete conviction that what I’ve seen during that time has been nothing short of a miracle.

Unlike medical drugs that often come with a huge list of side effects, herbs not only get to the root cause of your health problems but also come with a whole host of added bonuses such as wonderful skin, increased energy levels, better sleep and improved mood. Let me show you how to transform your health with the power of nature…

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I spent 5 wonderful years training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. My training consisted of Anatomy & Physiology, alongside classic diagnostic techniques such as Iridology and Chinese tongue diagnosis. During this time I studied the practice & principles of several systems of medicine including Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, the focus of my training (and for me, the most exciting bit!) was my in- depth study of western herbalism. Not only did this involve over 300 hours of clinical practice, we also learned how to grow plants from seed, identify medicines in the wild, manufacture and produce our own tinctures, capsules, creams and salves, study phytochemistry (the magic properties of plants!) and learn about interactions of herbs and supplements with prescription medications to ensure the absolute safety of our patients. As part of my practice and commitment to my profession, I undergo additional professional training every year to ensure I’m always up to speed with any new developments in the herbal world. I love my job.

In addition to my training in London, I recently completed an in-depth training course to become a certified Banting coach. This allows me to offer bespoke nutritional advice for people struggling with insulin resistance related weight issues (PCOS, Diabetes etc) I currently offer private coaching for people who prefer to take a purely nutritional approach to resolving their health issues.

I’m also a member of the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners. You can find out more about what this means here:

All of my medicines carry the HerbMark collective trademark which indicates they’ve been manufactured by a herbal practitioner who is a member of a professional association affiliated to the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA) and has met their standards of education and professional practice.


The Association of Naturopathic Practitioners


the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners


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